How I write

“Keep on writing, even if it’s crap. You can always throw it away later.” – Alistair Beaton

What inspires you? What do you do if you get stuck? Do you procrastinate? Where do you like to write? We’re asking some fantastic playwrights to share their experiences and methods – we’ll be adding to this every few days.

  • Oladipo Agboluaje “I’m more of an inspiration than a perspiration writer”
  • Alistair Beaton “Keep writing, even if it’s crap. You can always throw it away later”
  • Suhayla El-Bushra “If you work from home, Facebook is like a chat round the water cooler. But…”
  • Stella Feehily “Sometimes you can fall in love with the research to the detriment of the play”
  • James Graham “I still feel like a fraud when I have to tell strangers what I do”
  • David Hare “I know a play is finished when intelligent actors can’t find any more questions to ask”
  • Dawn King “Just sitting down ‘to write’ can become just messing around with punctuation.”
  • Lucy Kirkwood “I don’t have a smart phone”
  • Rebecca Lenkiewicz “I always think I should keep a notebook of ideas and never do”
  • Robin Soans “I have an inbuilt distrust of authority and want to know what’s really going on”
  • Simon Stephens “Writer’s block is an invention of people who want to think of themselves as writers but not do any work”
  • Jessica Swale “There’s some research which says that splitting your day into 52 minute concentration periods with 17 minute breaks optimises your focus”